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SINCE 2003


    VANDERBILT APPRAISAL COMPANY, LLC is a distinguished provider of real estate appraisals, serving clients with exceptional valuation expertise in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. Our devoted team of real estate valuation professionals are seasoned in navigating the multifaceted real estate markets within the Tri-State Area. Offering comprehensive residential appraisal reports and commercial appraisal reports, we ensure our clients gain from our deep understanding of property value.

Since our inception in 2003, we have served a wide array of clients, including lenders, divorce attorneys, trust & estate attorneys, accountants, developers, and consumers, who all trust our expertise and unwavering commitment to quality. Our goal is to provide objective analysis to support our clients' important real estate decisions. Whether we are assessing the value of a small studio apartment, a luxurious mansion, a mixed-use building, or a manufacturing warehouse, we deliver reliable and credible valuations.

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Vanderbilt Residential has performed over 50,000 appraisal assignments since 2003 in NY, NJ, CT and  PA.  The team performs appraisals for mort-gage financing, litigation support, valuation for matrimonial cases and trust & estate appraisals...


For all levels and types of com-mercial property, Vanderbilt has a team of valuation specialists that are dedicated, informed, and an invalu-able resource to our commercial clients who have an urgent need to discern value...


Vanderbilt's real estate consulting group is a specialty practice that bridges the gap between real estate related problems and cost effective solutions ultimately provid-ing measurable value to its clients with custom-tailored analysis and consultation.


Efficient, accurate appraisals are a cornerstone of representing clients effectively in divorce proceedings. Divorce attorneys leverage Vanderbilt's swift and reliable property valuations to reach fair, equitable settlements...

Trust and Estate

Vanderbilt's unparalleled expertise extends to serving trust and estate attorneys, where accurate valuations are paramount for estate planning, tax reporting, and probate matters. The company's in-depth analyses help in determining...

Family Office

Appraisers are critical advisors for high net worth clients when it comes to safeguarding and optimizing their wealth portfolios. Vanderbilt Appraisal Company delivers meticulous appraisals for a range of wealth-related considerations, including investment strategy... 


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