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Vanderbilt Appraisal Company, LLC is owned and operated by Vanderbilt Appraisal Holdings, LLC whose managing members include Michael Vargas and David Fisch, both licensed real estate appraisers.  Other owners of Vanderbilt Appraisal Company, LLC include Terra Holdings, LLC a company that owns interests in several real estate service companies including the Brown Harris Stevens and Halstead Real Estate brokerage firms.  Brown Harris Stevens and/or Halstead may act as real estate brokers on transactions appraised by Vanderbilt Appraisal but have no dealings with it regarding such appraisals or any specific transaction.  Vanderbilt Appraisal may provide general statistical data to Terra Holdings affiliates but Vanderbilt is independently operated by valuation professionals and does not consult with, nor is it influenced by, any Terra Holdings affiliate regarding any specific analysis.


The final value estimate derived in any appraisal is the independent finding and conclusion of the appraiser and/or supervisory appraiser.  All appraisals and other advice by Vanderbilt is based upon information available to the appraiser and believed to be accurate and reliable but no warranty or representation can be made that such information is true and complete. Nor is there any guaranty that results will conform to the appraised value or other projections or valuations made by Vanderbilt or that properties will sell for appraised values.



Vanderbilt Appraisal Company, LLC is owned and operated by Vanderbilt Appraisal Holdings, LLC. The managing principals are Michael Vargas and David Fisch. Other members of the holding company include the individual members of Terra Holdings, a real estate holding and operating company that owns interests in several real estate service companies including Brown Harris Stevens, Halstead Property, BHS Property Management, Halstead Property Management, and Vanderbilt Insurance. Vanderbilt Appraisal Company is independently managed and operated by its valuation professionals. Our special strategic relationships allow us to better perform our mission to serve our client needs for credible results with trust-worthy, dependable service.


                                                               TERRA HOLDINGS

\Terra Holdings, the parent company of Vanderbilt Appraisal Company, LLC, is one of America's largest privately-held real estate services companies. Terra Holdings is the market leader in luxury residential real estate sales, rentals and property management in New York City as well as a leader in commercial property services, appraisals, consulting and insurance. With a total staff of more than 1,000; Terra Holdings is the parent of a group of nine major real estate companies that provide a broad spectrum of services to clients and customers.

Terra Holding's companies include the Halstead companies, which is a residential brokerage company with more than 600 brokers throughout the New York City area and a residential management company serving over 80 buildings; and the Brown Harris Stevens companies, one of the oldest and largest residential and commercial real estate service providers in New York City, with a staff of over 400 people and over 530 brokers operating in two states.

The Terra Holdings headquarters is located at 770 Lexington Avenue where the constituent companies are served by a powerful central organization of 200 seasoned, knowledgeable professionals. This team provides expertise and support in a variety of disciplines, including finance, law, accounting, information technology, research, and human resources, and is equipped with a state-of-the-art computer and communications infrastructure that has consistently been the most sophisticated in the industry. The Terra Holdings group is organized to support the agility and focus of its individual operating companies with the strength and reach of the parent. Its members all share their enormous wealth of combined experience, information and data as top companies in their respective fields. Terra Holdings also draws on these resources in authoritative and highly regarded reports and analyses of the residential real estate market, which are issued periodically. Terra Holdings executives are respected leaders in their profession.

The co-chairmen of Terra Holdings include David A. Burris, Kent M. Swig, Arthur W. Zeckendorf and William Lie Zeckendorf, with Allied Partners. All are major figures in their own right as developers, investors and owner/managers of many significant commercial, residential and hotel properties in New York and throughout the United States.

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