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VANDERBILT APPRAISAL COMPANY, LLC. is a distinguished provider of real estate appraisals, serving clients with exceptional valuation expertise in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. Our devoted team of real estate valuation professionals are seasoned in navigating the multifaceted real estate markets within the Tri-State Area. Offering comprehensive residential appraisal reports and commercial appraisal reports, we ensure our clients gain from our deep understanding of property value.

Since our inception in 2003, we have served a wide array of clients, including lenders, divorce attorneys, trust & estate attorneys, accountants, developers, and consumers, who all trust our expertise and unwavering commitment to quality. Our goal is to provide objective analysis to support our clients' important real estate decisions. Whether we are assessing the value of a small studio apartment, a luxurious mansion, a mixed-use building, or a manufacturing warehouse, we deliver reliable and credible valuations.

As we celebrate our 21st year, we are more committed than ever to providing reliable, trustworthy knowledge of real estate value. Our progressive approach, which includes a state-of-the-art property and sales database, is designed to meet the individual needs of our clients. This, combined with our regional coverage and our team's multidisciplinary expertise, sets Vanderbilt apart from competitors. Our team’s diversity further enables us to meet the challenges of a wide variety of market areas and property types.

Vanderbilt's valuations include comprehensive appraisal reports that adhere to the strictest codes of standards and ethics, a cutting-edge property and comparable sales database, and market intelligence tailored to meet the distinctive needs of our clientele. By choosing Vanderbilt, you are choosing a partner who is committed to delivering trustworthy, accurate real estate valuations tailored to your needs.

Vanderbilt Appraisal Company’s commitment to ethical appraisal practice and maintaining public trust has fostered a strong foundation for future growth. The company prides itself on delivering trusted, reliable appraisal reports and valuation advice, and looks forward to continuing its legacy of service in the real estate valuation sector. 

Michael Vargas

Mr. Vargas has over 25 years of diversified real estate experience with a focus on the appraisal and valuation of real estate in the NY Metropolitan Area. Mr. Vargas is recognized as one of the most experienced professionals in the appraisal of New York area cooperative and condominium housing; and luxury, mansion, complex type residential real estate... Read More

David Fisch
Managing Partner

Mr. Fisch has been appraising residential and commercial real estate for the past 12 years including mixed-use properties; apartment buildings, retail space, condominium apartments, coop apartments, air rights, and development rights within NYC. Over the past 5 years Mr. Fisch has focused on the formation of the Vanderbilt Commercial Appraisal division... Read More

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