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Vanderbilt's New York, New Jersey and Connecticut based real estate appraisers offer a full array of residential and commercial appraisal, valuation and consulting services. Since 2003, Vanderbilt Appraisal Company has served clients including lenders, attorneys, accountants, investors, developers, insurance companies, brokers, and consumers. These clients have relied on Vanderbilt Appraisal Company's professional appraisal associates to provide unbiased, timely, and precise appraisal reports. Vanderbilt's local market expertise and regional coverage as well as valuation skill in multidisciplinary fields has set the firm apart from its competitors.

As Vanderbilt celebrates its 14th year, the firm remains committed more than ever to delivering to our clients the reliable, trustworthy knowledge of value they have come to rely on to complete vital real estate transactions. Whether Vanderbilt is valuing a small studio apartment; a luxurious mansion; an office building; a development site; or a manufacturing warehouse - the aim has always been to provide objective analysis that clients can accept with confidence.

Since inception, Vanderbilt has been comprised of a group of valuation professionals that are highly experienced in the various real estate markets of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.  The goal was to create a team of appraisers and real estate analysts that are spread throughout the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut region to provide local expertise within a wide, tri-state coverage base. Meanwhile, the company's technological framework allows for constant collaboration among the valuation experts to better provide the knowledge of property value their clients seek.

In forming the Metropolitan New York, Tri-State Area real estate appraisal practice, it was also important that the team reflected a diverse mix of professionals to meet the challenges of gaining property value expertise in a wide assortment of market areas and a wide variety of property types. From the outset, Vanderbilt recognized the important role that women and minorities could play in forming a new model for the future of real estate appraisal practice. Additionally, the firm wanted to blend all types of professional backgrounds - from accounting, finance, fashion, law, graphic design, sales, art, etc. - to have the most diverse, culturally and professionally rich group of valuation professionals in the region.

Vanderbilt 's suite of products include comprehensive reports containing thorough appraisal analysis; appraisal reports that adhere to the strictest Codes of Standards and Ethics; state-of-the-art property and comparable sales database; and custom tailored market intelligence to meet the individual needs of residential real estate and commercial real estate clientele.

*       Financing /Mortgage Origination

*       Trust & Estate Planning

*       Matrimonial Disputes

*       Litigation / Except Witness Testimony

*       Bankruptcy

*       Property Tax Appeal

*       Gift/Estate Tax

*       Investment Analysis

*       Quality Control/Appraisal Review

*       Relocation

*       Buy/Sell Consulting

*       Development Project Analysis

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