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Vanderbilt’s real estate consulting group is a specialty practice that bridges the gap between real estate related problems and cost effective solutions ultimately providing measurable value to its clients.  Based upon a combined 70+ years of real estate experience, the group provides custom-tailored analysis and consultation to clients and their professionals on:

  • Market research and demand/supply analysis

  • Highest and best use analysis

  • Feasibility studies

  • Acquisitions and dispositions

  • Development/Project Summaries

  • Ownership strategies

  • Expert witness testimony

  • Preparation for arbitration and mediation

  • Investment analysis and strategy

  • Portfolio due diligence

  • Eminent domain issues

Based upon a strong commitment to high ethical standards and a dedication to preserving the public trust Vanderbilt has built with its clients and associates; the company is well positioned for future success and looks forward to providing many more years of trustworthy valuation advice and counsel to its real estate clients and associates.